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In this issue of sheep!
Volume 35 Number 4
July/August 2014
On The Cover
“This is a tough one!” by Maggie Perry of Brookfield, Nova Scotia, Canada. See the full story on page 10.
Homemade and Handy: Bale Unroller 30
Living The Dream, New American Opportunities 36
Easing Into Local Restaurants, Small Operators’ Goods Are In Demand 44
Fiber Mills, Making Them Work For You 54
Mid-Summer Opportunities: Choices Today, Profits Tomorrow 6
sheep! Photo Contest 10
Meeting of Minds 12
Where To Get Up-To-Date Dairy Sheep Books 12
Hair Sheep “Just A Fad?” We Don’t Think So 12
Birdsfoot Trefoil & Fence Tips 13
Tail Docking 17
Making Homemade Sheep Coats 18
“Beating Sheep With A Rod?” 19
Easier-To-Use Show Clipper 20
Breaking Sheep’s Legs 20
Dorper Horns, Tags & Shedding 21
How To Start A New Breed? 22
Got Milk? 24
The Value Of A Working Dog 26
Hair Sheep Reports First Hand Experiences With Many Breeds 27
Vet Check 31
Sheep May Safely Graze
Snaring Bears 32
Sheep Dairying With Andy Karras
Summer’s Slumps & Dry-Offs 39
Price Reports 40
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack 48
Book Reviews
Adventures On Green Pasture Farm, Scruff An Orphan Lamb 52
Shepherd, A Memoir 52
Wool Gatherings 53
Shearing Notes 56
News Bleat 57
Climate Not Changing As Fast As Opinions & Options 57
Foxes Spreading Sheep Measles 57
Kansas Sheep Ridding Weedy Legume From Cattle Pastures 57
Gauging Sheep Stress Levels By Behavioral Signs 58
Aussies Award Prizes For Best Flavored Sheep Meat 59
French Farmers Know How To Get Attention 59
Traceback ID: As Trusty As Those Forced Into It 59
Sheep-Eating Plant Thriving In England 59
sheep! Breeders & Classifieds 60

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