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In this issue of sheep!
Volume 28 Number 6
November/December, 2007

On The Cover
      This issue’s cover photo was submitted by Sharon Maloy of Washington, Pennsylvania. (Learn more about it in the Photo Contest Winners section on page 10.)

Certified Organic Wool Processing at Green Mountain
Weeder Sheep: Save Water for Wheat 29
Reclaiming Old-Style Merinos:
A New Wrinkle At Firestone Farm Living History Museum
Cut Work Loads with More & Healthier Lambs 42
Growing Profits: Making A Start With Michigan Lamb 50
Scribblings 6
sheep! Photo Contest Winners 10
Meeting of Minds 12
    Is The Scrapie Program Related To NAIS? 12
    Questions About Jacob, Rambouillet & Longwool Sheep 12
    U.S. Food Safety Imperiled By Foreign Imports —
        NAIS No Help
    Growth Stimulant Antibiotics In Feeds
        Cause Drug Resistance
    Where To Find The NAIS How-To Handbook? 20
    How Much Cider Vinegar To Add To Sheep Water Tanks? 20
    Sheep Have How Many Knucklebones? 22
    No-Prion Butchering (Hair Sheep Reports) 24
    Lamb Fritters (Oysters) May Boost
         Stem Cells & Lengthen Life
Wool-Gatherings 28
Vet Check 30
Sheep May Safely Graze
    Compromised: How Farms & Ranches Lost the Use of
    Preditor-Euthanizing Chemicals Part I
Price Reports 40
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack 45
Shearing Notes 53
News Bleat 54
    Genetic Selection Key To Higher Consumer Demand 54
    Lanolin Spray Saves Lives 55
    Aussie Version Of NAIS Called “A Sham” By Oz Beef Industry 56
    Poo-Sniffing Worm Detector 56
    Wisconsin Farm Marts Grow Online 59
    Woolgrowers Should Copy Wine Marketers 60
    More U.S. Consumers Looking At Food Origin Labels 61
    Aroma Based Marketing 61
    High-sugar Grass Now Available 61
sheep! Breeders & Classifieds 62

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