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In this issue of sheep!
Volume 28 Number 1
January/February, 2007

On The Cover
      This issue’s cover photo of “Digging Out—Hey is that a ewe under there?” was submitted by Maggie Perry of Brookfield, Nova Scotia, Canada. (Learn more about it in the Photo Contest Winners section on page 8.)

Taking The Work Out Of Working Sheep 24
New Non-Electric Milking Device: Saves Flockmaster Time, Money & Frustration At Lambing Time 34
Sheep Save Soil Moisture While Ridding Bugs. Can They Make Flockmasters A Profit Doing It? 42
Scribblings 6
sheep! Photo Contest 8
Meeting of Minds 10
    How To Fight Hot Weather 11
    Felt Cleans Foggy Windshields 13
    Dealing With Foot Rot 15
    Organic Worm Control Using Garlic 21
    What You Can Do About The Threat Of NAIS 20
    Shade Arbors–How To Keep Sheep From Bark-Stripping Them 22
Vet Check 29
Make It Yourself
    Scouring Wool With Bubble Agitation, Part 1 31
Price Reports 40
Sheep May Safely Graze
    An Odd Range Flock Defense Method 45
Wool-Gatherings 47
Shearing Notes 48
News Bleat 49
    4-Wheelers Major Cause of Flockmaster Spine Deterioration 49
    Oz Happy With U.S. Lamb Industry Marketing Assistance 52
    Mad Cow Confirmed In Goat; Likely In Two Sheep 53
    Sheep Dairying Gaining Momentum in Wisconsin 54
    Lamb Combats Food Allergies 55
    Eco-Friendly, Hi-Sugar Grass May Boost Your Profits & Yield 56
    Scorched Sheep Heads Preferred Over Pizza 56
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack 57
sheep! Breeders & Classifieds 62

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