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In this issue of sheep!
Volume 26 Number 5
September/October, 2005

On The Cover
      This issue’s cover photo is by Vickie Beyer, of Barnes City, Iowa. (Learn more about it in the Photo Contest Winners section on page 8.)

Scribblings 6
sheep! September/October Photo Contest Winners 8
sheep! 2005 Photo Contest Winners 10
Meeting of Minds 12
Grandpa’s Hints
    Meat Stock: How To Select Top Breeders 32
Sheep May Safely Graze
    A Predator Problem Shows Up: Part 5 35
Vet Check 38
Shearing Notes 40
Wool-Gatherings 42
Price Reports 44
Book Reviews
    Wild Predators? Not in My Backyard! 46
    Living with Sheep 47
Video Review
    Shearing Made Easy with Doug Rathke 48
Newsbleat 50
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack 58
How Retail Flock Profits Are Made 22
The Reluctant Shepherd 25
Hardy, Handy Gotland Sheep 30

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