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New Small-Scale Fiber Processor Spins & Plies On A Single Machine!

By sheep! Staff

Stonehedge Fiber Milling Equipment Inc. has introduced a new all-in-one sixteen-head spinning and plying frame.

Stonehedge Fiber Mill is a successful small-farm-based mill, which has been processing fiber for others for 10 years. Stonehedge now has 11 people at the site who process about 1,500 pounds of fiber a month for customers, plus over 1,000 pounds for their new product line Shepherds Wool Yarn, currently found in over 75 yarn stores around the U.S. and Canada. They also do custom work for other small yarn suppliers.

The rising demand for small-batch fiber processing for small and medium-scale customers has created a new demand for equipment that can process a wide variety of high-quality roving and yarn at a cost-effective rate.

Realizing the need for such equipment, Chuck and Deb McDermott formed Stonehedge Fiber Milling Equipment, Inc. Over the past seven years they have developed a line of equipment that meets their needs—and happily, the needs of other small mill owners. Their equipment is now operating in 25 mills across the U.S.

But today, they have a breakthrough: They’ve just developed a spinner like no other they’ve ever heard of.

The new spinner is a double-sided machine—eight heads on each side. It spins on eight heads while at the same time plying on eight heads, thus increasing small producers’ yarn production capability by not having to shut down their spinner in order to ply the yarn. (Two or more ply yarn is essential to finished crafts that won’t twist out of shape.)

The new machine also eliminates the need for a second piece of equipment to ply with, which some mills have bought while trying to meet their production requirements. This sixteen-head machine has been designed to sell at a price that is competitive with other eight-head machines now on the market.

Stonehedge invites any woolgrowers thinking about expanding their flock’s range of merchandise to come and spend a few days observing a processing mill in operation in order to make an informed decision on whether to pursue having their own on-farm mill.

The McDermotts also offer to assist prospective wool mill operators with a business plan, mill layout, and where to acquire financing. After a mill is set up on a new site, training is available from a retired textile employee with over 40 years spinning experience.

The Stonehedge team is set up to meet the needs of new small fiber processors for years to come. For more information on their complete line of mill equipment, see their website at www.FiberMillingEquipment.com., or call Chuck McDermott at 1-232-536-2779.

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