The Gardener’s Weed Book
Earth-Safe Controls
Barbara Pleasant
ISBN: 0-88266-921-4
144 pages.
$ 14.95
Identify and control weeds for a super garden! Weeds are fascinating plants that tell us a great deal — but only if we learn to listen. This easy-to-use reference from gardening expert Barbara Pleasant covers the pros and cons of the presence of weeds, recommends proven organic methods for controlling unwanted weeds, and presents an illustrated encyclopedia of dozens of the most common weeds. The Gardener’s Weed Book will show you: How to control weeds organically: mulching, hand weeding, cutting and mowing, growing smother crops How to identify weeds, with illustrations of seedlings and mature plants What weeds reveal about soil conditions and gardening techniques All about your weeds: origin and range, site, soil, and season, full description, and related plants