Mulch It!
A Practical Guide to Using Mulch in the Garden and Landscape
Stu Campbell
ISBN: 1-58017-316-0
120 pages.
$ 12.95
Eliminate weeding forever! Mulch protects the soil, minimizes weeds, contributes to plant health, encourages earthworms, reduces water needs, and cuts down on the gardener’s labor. In Mulch It! you’ll find a complete guide to the relative cost, appearance, insulation value, thickness, weed control, water penetration, moisture retention, and rate of decomposition of more that 50 mulching materials, such as: Bark and wood chips – oyster shells – Pine needles – Plastic – Stones – geotextiles – Paper – cocoa hulls Learn how and when to mulch and find out which material is right for a specific purpose. From landscaping to vegetable gardening to flower gardening to flower gardening to planting trees and shrubs, mulch can help you increase your property value and create a beautiful, professional-looking landscape.