Getting Started With Beef & Dairy Cattle
Heather Smith Thomas
ISBN: 1-58017-596-7
281 pages.
$ 16.95
Get your animals off to the best possible start with advice on all the basics of cattle farming. You’ll learn how to: Select the breed that best suits your goals; Raise a thriving contented calf; Groom your animals and provide basic health care; Choose the best grain supplement to complement grass-feeding; Comply with grass-fed and organic guidelines; Maximize your cows’ milk production; Market and sell your naturally-raised products; Recognize situations where you need a vet’s help. Raising a cow for milk or beef is easier than you might think. With the information in this book you can reap the pleasures and rewards of using your land to raise healthy and productive animals. If you’ve been dreaming about raising a family cow, or even a small herd, here’s the book for you. Whether your interest is in beef or dairy farming, veteran cattle farmer Heather Smith Thomas helps you make the experience satisfying, rewarding, and even entertaining.