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In this issue of sheep!
Volume 24 Number 4
July/August, 2003

On The Cover
      Cover photo by Helmut Lang of British Columbia. Pictured is his wife, Heidi, herding a flock of Damara lambs down a quiet country lane in late summer.

    Bragging Rights: Name Your Price! 6
Meeting of Minds 9
Newsbleat 14
Wool-Gatherings 28
Vet Check 35
Poor Will’s sheep! Almanack 45
Book Review
    Hooking With Yarn 53
Young Shepherds’ Clips
    Lambing Season 54
sheep! Price Reports 55
sheep! Photo Contest Winners 8
Building a Wool Business 24
Learning Wool’s Value At Marr Haven 27
Llama Hints For Economical Flock Protection 29
Raising Sheep But Not Hay 30
Native Americans Profit Using Rare Breed 33
Denning Coyotes: Lambing Season Predation 37
Stock Killer: Clostridium Perfringens 39
Scottish Blackface Sheep 40
Dual Purpose Sheep Breeds Can Increase Profits 41
South African Sheep Collar 58
Bio-Terror “Q” 59
Quiet Killer: OPP 60

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