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Lamb Cradle

Work Your Lambs Without Helpers

By Joe Alvernaz

Here is a great invention submitted to sheep! in 1990, and the idea is still as new and good today as 16 years ago!-Ed.

Anyone can work lambs with a good lamb restrainer. This one's quick to make, and doesn't cost much.
Anyone can work lambs with a good lamb restrainer. This one’s quick to make, and doesn’t cost much.

The lamb cradle restrainer is an idea that materialized from a need to design a way to hold lamb so that the basic operations could be completed without the necessity of another person.

The restrainer we made uses a 6-inch PVC pipe, but the size of the pipe would depend on the size of the lamb you normally handle. In our area most lambs that would utilize this cradle are handled as they leave the lambing pen at 2 to 3 days of age. Estimated cost: Around $8. Time to build: About 1 hour. – Joe Alvernaz, Roseburg, Oregon

Lamb Cradle Restrainer diagram 1

Lamb Cradle Restrainer diagram

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